Today, in our never-ending quest to make sure your kinky BDSM lifestyle is the most satisfying and well-informed, we bring you the Slapping Guide. It will introduce you to the basics of this relatively advanced practice, so if you decide to take a chance and try your hand at it, you will have enough knowledge at your fingertips (or at hand) to walk forward and paddle safely and wisely.

In all seriousness, a slap in the face should not be taken lightly (well, of course it is, if you like it). As with any kind of themed game, or even more, you have to be incredibly careful with both the psychological and physical consequences of getting a slap in the face. The importance of communication between you and your partner (s) is paramount.

A slap in the face, especially in the face, is one of the most intimate things you can do: outside of BDSM games, it is almost universally an act of violence, aggression, and an unequal distribution of power. Even some enthusiastic sadists, who at any other time might be content with choking and whipping, or even being bound and electro-games, are squeamish about slapping in the face. Because of this, a slap in the face is for many people an extra-special form of perverse deviance.

This is what makes it such an erotic and desirable form of play, but this is why you have to be incredibly careful. Therefore, as with any time you lace up your fetish shoes, make sure that consent is given, received and does not stop: the spankers and spankers can say no when and whenever they want!

A slap in the face can trigger unpleasant feelings and memories in the person receiving the slap - since much of the thrill of it comes from destructive associations with violence and danger, these very real feelings can emerge during a scene. The pleasure of a slap and the fact that it elicits a serious emotional reaction are also not mutually exclusive. It is very important to enter the scene by having a serious spanking conversation with your partner.

Fun tip: Support the opposite cheek of your lower, cheek with your non-spanking hand - it’ll support the head and neck and thus reduce the possibility of injury, this gentle gesture is a nice contrast to the sharp bite of the slap on the other cheek!

But how can you safely slap in the face, you ask? The face is, as you probably know, an incredibly delicate and complex area of ​​the body. It may surprise you, but it was not really designed to be spanked all the time, as adorable as it is. As a result, there are very specific methods of striking that cause ocular and maxillofacial injuries. Aiming accuracy is infinitely more important than strength: too short distance and you will break your nose; too long - and you get the ear. By accidentally slapping your ear, you can rupture the eardrum, forcing too much air into your ear canal, and it's not fun at all.

The "sweet spot" of the face is the fleshy part of the cheek, which turns red when touched - it doesn't even need too much strength. The sweet spot on your hand is a little more up to you; experts recommend aiming the base of your fingers at the sweet spot on the cheek. Start with a series of light taps that slowly and gradually increase in intensity until your bottom feels like trust your skills.

Already comfortable with this? Has your bottom given you the seal of approval? Or if you don't have one yet - you may try some UK BDSM dating sites. Have you checked every step with your sub? Fine! If that's how you feel, then you can move on. A stronger slap in the face, well delivered, could do the trick. The element of surprise takes the whole venture to a new level: the sensations of even a slight slap in the face will intensify when your bottom does not know exactly when it will happen, either because it is punishment, or because she is blindfolded.

Consider reducing the intensity of the blows when they are amplified in other ways. You can give the bottom a massive slap on the cheek, finding a way to get to the other. With a little practice, you can use your non-dominant hand to start on her other cheek, or flip the palm of your dominant hand to reach the opposite cheek. An extremely tolerant partner may allow you to try to swing her backhand, which is notoriously difficult.

Not a very funny tip: Generally for beginners, if your arm hurts ... you may have spanked too hard! Topics may include the importance of honing your skill, or the excitement of having your sub flying across the room. However, you will need an experienced temptress to teach you this. You may not immediately become a spanking expert, but everyone should start from scratch.

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